Neurocranial Integration (NCi for short) is a brain-based technique that feels like a 10X enhancement over your traditional Chiropractic adjustments. The brain and nervous system control and coordinate everything that goes on with your body.
You don't think about digesting your food, varying your heart rate, growing your hair, or any other of the myriad of things that are going on to keep you alive and functioning. All of this is controlled by your central nervous system (made up of the brain and spinal cord). The brain is constantly sending signals through your nervous system to all of the cells, tissues, organs, glands and muscles in your body to tell the body what to do. The body is also sending signals back to the brain to let it know what is going on with the body.

“…the nervous system controls and coordinates all the
functions of the body and relates it to its environment…”
– Gray’s Anatomy

As long as this communication is occurring without interference, all should be well. These bodies are self-healing organisms. Healing always comes from within. Drugs do not heal. Doctors do not heal. It is always the body that heals itself. The focus of Chiropractic has been to maintain the nervous system communication pathways so that the body can control, maintain, and heal itself when necessary. There are other factors involved, like proper nutrition so that the body has the genuine replacement parts to repair and maintain itself. There are limitations of matter...if you lose your arm in an accident, it's unlikely that it will grow back.

Traditionally, Chiropractors have predominantly dealt with the nerves as they exit the spine. If a vertebra has moved out of its normal position it can put "pressure on the exiting nerve" decreasing the nerve flow and communication from brain to body and body to brain (this is a very simplified explanation of what is happening, but it gets the concept across). These lesions are called a vertebral subluxation complex, and their correction allows the body to start functioning normally again. This is why you may have heard of "miracle cures" with Chiropractic care, from back pain, neck pain, and migraines to allergies, asthma, and ear infections. We actually do not treat any of these conditions, all we are doing is relieving the nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxations so that the body can naturally do what it is supposed to do, which is heal.
The amazing part in all of this is that from the neck down only accounts for approximately 20% of the nervous system. The other 80% is in the brain. NCi allows us to now help this other 80%. It is a revolutionary technique that aligns the cranial bones and brain hemispheres. The re-alignment takes tension off the nervous system, releases cranial, fascial and muscle tissue fixations, and returns proper cerebrospinal fluid flow throughout the spine and entire body.

When pressure is taken off the brain, it can do its job more efficiently and allow the body to function at a higher level.

NCi is different from other chiropractic cranial techniques because it reaches deeper into the cranium and its muscles, the dura mater and tissue behind it, providing a profound release and balancing effect. It is often followed by a healing rush of blood, oxygen, cerebrospinal fluid and neurological activity… which is why most people find it exhilarating.
The Neuro Cranial Integration procedure lasts only two to three minutes and does not includes any of the normal chiropractic jerking, “popping” or “cracking.” Instead, it feels like a profound stretch inside the back of the head.
Specific conditions, diseases or symptoms are not treated. Instead, the treatment addresses the body’s top mastermind organ, the brain, and everything it connects to.
How does treating the brain affect the rest of my body?

Because Neuro Cranial Integration treatment allows the left and right brain hemispheres to rebalance and reintegrate in a profound way, the functioning of the central nervous system automatically improves.
Neuro Cranial Integration restores optimal signal transfer and function to your nerves and brain. With signal transfer and optimal functioning back on track, the body is then able to restore health and balance in all its aspects – structural/physical, mental and emotional.
It is often said that Neuro Cranial Integration “Triggers the Body’s Reset Button.®” What this means is that it releases (in some cases, restarts) the natural healing ability of the body.

Research shows that the spinal alignment follows the alignment of the cranial bones. When there is a misalignment of the cranial bones, this results in distortion of the spinal bones or vertebra.
The major portion of the nervous system is protected by the cranium (the 22 bones of the skull) and the vertebral bones. In addition, the brain and the spinal cord are covered in a tough material called the dura mater (translated from the Latin to mean, “tough mother”). It’s a membrane which acts as a durable sheath holding the brain hemispheres together and extending down the spine and body. It is attached at the base of the skull at the occiput bone; to the spine at the first two neck vertebra and to the sacrum or tailbone.
When the bones of the skull are misaligned/distorted it causes an uneven pull on the dura mater, causing distortions (twisting) of the spine or Subluxations. These subluxations tend to cause pain and interfere with normal nervous system flow and the enjoyment of life.

Neuro Cranial Integration takes contractions out of the body, rebalances the cranial bones, brain hemispheres and vertebrae, and leaves the patient with a feeling of release.

The treatment lasts only two to three minutes. There is no jerking, thrusting or popping. Most people feel a stretching sensation or release, and an immediate sense of change.
The procedure can be performed on infants to geriatrics. Note: many cranial problems occur at birth, so corrections early on can prevent years of suffering.

Clinically, when NCi is integrated into the care plan, we see an accelerated response to treatment, along with the patient "holding" their adjustments longer so that you don't have to be treated as often. Many children with birth traumas and spectrum disorders have benefited profoundly with this treatment.

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