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Dr. Guy Furno is a chiropractor with 25 years of experience utilizing natural health care in the clinical treatment of patients. He is a Nutrition Response Testing Master Clinician. His practice consists of family care and wellness including pregnancy, pediatrics and adult care. He is a sought after lecturer to the public and medical professionals and has spoken about “True Health Care Reform” at the United Nations UNSRC.

His methodologies focus on the human body’s innate capability to heal, fight off, and prevent disease. He educates and stresses the importance of his patients taking responsibility for their health care via lifestyle and nutritional choices.

He is the doctor’s doctor, caring for many traditional medical and alternative health practitioners.

One of the elite few Master Clinicians in the United States that is Advanced Clinically Trained in Nutrition Response Testing sm, a non-invasive system that reveals the underlying causes of illness or non-optimum health, Dr. Furno is also an instructor in this technique, teaching the Professional level Advanced Clinical Training, Patient Management, and introductory course to other Doctors and health professionals.

A Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association that studied under and was mentored by Dr. Larry Webster, considered the “grandfather” of Chiropractic pediatrics.

A Charter Practitioner and Associate Instructor in NeuroCranial Integration (NCI), which is a ‘cutting edge” brain based therapy.

He has proficiency in numerous Chiropractic manipulative techniques.

Former representative of the New York Chiropractic Council and New York State Representative of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Started, operated, and served as the Clinical coordinator of a 10,000 square foot multi-disciplinary facility consisting of traditional and alternative medical practitioners including Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Physiatry, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Clinical Psychology working together to achieve optimum patient outcome.

Charter member of Doctors4Entertainers and awarded “Most Valuable Practitioner” in 2008, treating top entertainers in the musical and comedic world.

Completed his undergraduate studies at Stonybrook University.

Awarded his Chiropractic degree at Life University Chiropractic College.

Emily Magee



Emily Magee is a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner at THINC. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Villanova University, and then working in the field for almost 5 years, she found herself extremely unfulfilled and ready to serve in a way that felt more authentic.

After her own weight loss and healing journey, Emily had become very passionate about nutrition and integrative wellness, so she decided to go back to school to obtain her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. During this time, she was a committed Nutrition Response Testing patient of Dr. Furno. Seeing her passion for nutrition and wellness, he asked her to join his team.

In 2017, Emily earned her Masters in Clinical Nutrition, completed her professional level training in Nutrition Response Testing and was awarded her Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) certification. In 2018, she became certified to teach childbirth education.

Emily is passionate about educating others about nutrition and helping people to gain control of their health so that they may allow their bodies to heal. In her free time she likes to experiment in the kitchen and eat new foods, try out new types of exercise, make kombucha and hang spend time with family. She gave birth to her first child this past summer and is loving raising a family using her plethora of knowledge about natural health that she has gained over the years.

Genesis Perdomo



I grew up in a rural area; my family did not have the option to eat out as much as it’s commonly done. I am very fortunate to have met my great-grandmother, who had a natural remedy for all ailments. She took pride in making cooked meals made from scratch and I learned to cook at a very young age thanks to her and my mom. Of course, my love for food ignited when I started cooking. 

I’ve maintained and carried these traditions into my own home as I’ve grown older and very proud of them. I come from a family of extraordinary cooks who did not use shortcuts or methods that compromised nutrients or our health. Outside of my love for cooking, I also learned that quality of food was very important not only for taste but there was also a health factor for me. When I was in college, my sister was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, at the same time my mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I was tired of being overweight. 

I got my degree in hospitality management and then switched majors to Nutrition Science. In efforts to lose weight, I started swimming 4-5 times a week, dieting and counting calories. Although, I lost weight and I felt somewhat better, I realized I wasn’t eating enough nutrient dense foods to help me through my work-outs. I eventually lost 20 pounds but I still didn’t feel healthy. I got my degree in nutrition but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing that my life was changed forever.

The best non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health. I had finally discovered an accurate way to ask my body what nutrients it needed and exactly how much. I had a profound shift of perspectives; I stopped dieting and focused on health and quality of food.

Two years after being on a Health Improvement Program, I became pregnant with my first son and went through the most powerful transformation of my life! My pregnancy was delightful! “Pregnancy and birth, exactly by the book,” I recall my midwife said after my first son was born. Not long after this I found out I was pregnant again and I went and had a powerful birth again. I had never felt better in my whole life. I knew that I was still working my way to true health. Up to this point, my career had been shaped by my passion for nutrition and birth. I was especially grateful for the goodness I felt inside and knowing I would pass something good on to my children. I call it “A Heirloom of Health,” nutrition that will help them for the rest of their lives.

As I have continued on my health journey, I began what has become my life’s work. I am a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Holistic Childbirth Educator, and a trained Doula. I am currently working on becoming a Certified Lactation Consultant. As a mother of two, it is very rewarding to provide families with the tools to raise healthy children. I can say with a full heart that I am thankful to be able to help families take back control of their health naturally, the way nature intended.


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