My knees hurt, legs cramped at night and upon walking, had negative thoughts and obsessed about things, always cold, dry vagina, incomplete evacuation, muddled thinking and forgetfulness, hair loss, brittle nails. Since seeing Dr. Furno my knees feel strong, I am thin now, I can let go of negative thoughts, leg cramps have ceased, less dry vagina, I feel healthier.
-Rochelle B.

I was tired, no energy, slow bowel movement, sluggish, joints were painful. I now have more energy; I feel much better, lost weight and no longer have joint pain.
-Susan S.

I was experiencing fatigue, joint pain, and forgetfulness and digestion issues. Now I feel great! No joint pain or fatigue and I feel clear headed. I have people complimenting me on how great I look. Thank you Dr. Furno!!
-Andrea A.

When I first came to see Dr. Furno I was suffering with very bad arthritis pain in my knees and hands and at times pain in shoulders and neck. I had very bad eating habits - too much sugar and drinking soda. In the two months I have been seeing Dr. Furno I am feeling all around better. I still get pain in my knees and hands but nowhere as bad as it was two months ago. My eating habits are getting better, sugar is way down, have not drank soda in 3 weeks except a few times. Overall feeling better, eating better. I have to keep it going because the supplements have been very helpful.
-Eduardo G.

My knees were very stiff and I had constant pain in the left side. My knees now are sooo much better, no longer swollen and the pain in the left side is very minimal.
-Jane N.

I had severe neck pain on the left side of my neck. It was stabbing pain and I couldn’t turn my head to the right very far. Now I feel great! I have no neck pain at all and have as much mobility as I had before. The sharp pain subsided right away and some muscle aches went away after a day or two more. Also, my blood pressure went down allowing me to half my medicine level. My blood glucose level had improved especially early morning; they use to be around 110 now it’s in the low 80’s.
-Joan Y.

I was stiff and had numbness in my face most of the day. I was stressed and under pressure, immobile. Now I can feel my face and no more numbness. I can stretch, more flexible and able to move the left side of my face.
-Steph S.

On July 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (tumor on the neck but no other part of the body) my Doctor from L.I.J. predicted I would have a painful death within a year of my diagnosis. This set me off on a quest to find a holistic doctor who would help me. After being turned away by one doctor I had met Dr. Furno. Its March 2011 I’M STILL HERE!! I am grateful and appreciative of Dr. Furno’s patience, support and plan, I see my oncologist every 3 months, and my tumor has gotten smaller in my last two visits. I believe it’s a surprise to my oncologist and his nurse. They wanted to know who I was seeing. I stick to my diet and believe in inner peace, exercise and whatever Dr. Furno advises me to do.
-Rita H.

I was very sick in treatment for aggressive cancer. I was weak, tired, and in pain.Now I am much better, stronger, I have more energy and blood work for the cancer is much better.
-Gary V.

I had a fibroid adenoma in my right breast and it was 1.4 centimeters. After starting with Dr. Furno I went back for a follow up sonogram and it had decreased in size to 3.8 millimeters!
-Donna B.

For one year after being diagnosed with cancer, (I refused chemo etc.) I read and searched for a Dr. who knew about diet and could implement a program that would be of maximum benefit to my immune system and my total health. Not looking for a cure but what action can I take to be as healthy as possible. I was disciplined with my diet, no meat or dairy. I worried about the effect of fruit, the glycogen and how much wheat products to eat. I was 0ften tired, needing naps, I had seen 3 other Drs. Before seeing Dr. Furno. I knew intuitively I was not yet on the right path. I am with the best Dr. NOW!! I have the utmost confidence of the professionalism, the objective testing and the results of Nutrition Response Testing. This past week (my 6th week here) my blood test came out perfect. All year it was out of range. My blood pressure formally hypertension of 130-140 is now at 110 – Perfect. I feel less stressful, my mind more productive and gratitude and joy for the peace I feel in my mind and body.
-Rita H.

I could not get up or walk any distance. I was talking Vesicare (for over active bladder) and 160 mg of Diovan (high blood pressure). Now the pain in my legs is almost gone. I can get up unassisted and walk greater distances. I lowered the dosage of the Diovan to 80 mg and stopped the Vesicare completely. I can now walk greater distances.
-Anne M.

I had not been feeling good on a daily basis with low energy levels, overweight and a little depressed with bad cholesterol levels at 225. Within 3 months of seeing Dr. Furno, I wake up feeling ready to go, I have lost weight, more energy and feeling my body functioning the way it should. My cholesterol levels are now at 187 with bad cholesterol now at 131.
-Wallis P.

I had difficulty breathing and had a weight problem. Now I feel great!
-Alan P.

I had pressure on the bridge of my nose, I would be out of breath when I climbed stairs, couldn’t lose weight, headaches, feeling discomfort every morning. Now all my symptoms are all gone and I lost 7 pounds!!
-Mary Elizabeth R.

I had shoulder pain, inability to smell and was overweight. Now I am pain free, my sense of smell has returned, I lost weight and I have more energy.
-Anne V.

I was not feeling good each day with low energy levels, over weight and a little depressed. My back pain was constant. Now I wake up each day feeling ready to go! I have lost weight, have more energy and feel my body is functioning as it should. My back pain is much better.
-Wallie P.

I was very tired and in a lot of pain. Now I have much more energy and very little pain.

I was experiencing a toothache on/off for a month and early morning stomachaches. Now the toothache is gone!!! So is the early morning stomachache!!!
-BB L.

I am a diabetic and I am on pills and insulin. I wanted to get off of my insulin, but my diet was not the greatest, and anything I tried would not work. I also had a lot of stress in my life and was a very unhappy person. I started on this program for a little bit but was not doing well with following the program until Dr. Furno, who is also my friend for 15 years, scared me into changing my life. I now feel in control of myself and even though I still have sweet cravings I try to deal with it. If it wasn’t for Dr. Furno helping me to change my life, I don’t know where I would be. I am glad that he is a good doctor that looks after his patient’s wellbeing and goals for a better life. I hope that he continues to teach the people in the community. Thank you.
-Pat S.

I had severe neck pain on the left side of my neck. It was stabbing pain and I couldn’t turn my head to the right very far. Now I feel great! I have no neck pain at all and have as much mobility as I had before. The sharp pain subsided right away and some muscle aches went away after a day or two more. Also, my blood pressure went down allowing me to half my medicine level. My blood glucose level had improved especially early morning; they use to be around 110 now it’s in the low 80’s.
-Joan Y.

I’ve lost weight and have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better and my blood pressure is down.
-Mena M.

I have noticed a positive change in my stomach problems, including less gas, I feel better, and I am no longer on my Acid Reflux medications.
-Karen M.

I was experiencing labor type stomach pains all day, which in the past it has landed me in the emergency room. I was treated by Dr. Furno the same day and by 11:00 pm that evening I was PAIN FREE! It was amazing! I felt wonderful and have been pain free ever since.
-Patricia A.

I have very active Chron’s Disease with bowel movements 6-8 times a day (watery consistency), I was experiencing pain in my gallbladder and was scheduled for surgery, and I was also not sleeping well. Since seeing Dr. Furno, my bowel movements are now 1-2 times a day (firm), I cancelled my gallbladder surgery since I no longer have any more pain and now have a full night sleep. I have also started to lose weight!
-Michelle B.

I was feeling fatigue, I had gallbladder attacks 2-3 times a week and heartburn 4 times a week. Now I no longer have gallbladder attacks, the heartburn has decreased and much less fatigue!!

Before I met Dr. Furno I could barely lift my head. My stomach was bloated that surpassed my chest size… and I am a DD cup, so that can only give you some sort of image of how bloated I was. My ankles were filled with water, and I felt like I had brain fog, or a numbness in my brain. I couldn’t remember things the way I use to, and I knew it had nothing to do with age. I was also unable to work due to having sjogren’s syndrome. I stated to go to Dr. Furno, and within a couple of weeks, my stomach flattened, my energy started to come back and my positive energy was rejuvenated. I have been able to start working again! That happiness and will to get better has only pushed me to carry on with this program to reach my optimum health goals! Thank you Dr. Furno, and his team.
-Alda C.

I was tired all the time – napped everyday. I had aches in my legs and back. I had headaches, weakening of my legs, stomach pains, bloating, aspiration, cramping and heartburn. Now I no longer nap everyday and I’m not fatigued as often. I no longer get headaches and my legs have improved. I have less bloating and stomach cramps as well as fewer episodes of heart burn.


I had stomach issues daily. My back pain seemed to increase. My sleep patterns were interrupted several times a night! Now when I follow my program I don’t have any stomach issues whatsoever. I sleep with much less interruption. When I cheat (and I do sometimes) my lower back pain increases. When I stay on my program, I feel a substantial decrease in my lower back pain.
-Sue J.

I was experiencing severe stomach pains similar to labor pains for those of you who have been in labor. These pains started at 10:30 in the morning and persisted into late evening. I would be ridden with cramping episodes that would come on every ten minutes lasting one to four minutes. I was doubled over in pain. After being treated by Dr. Furno that day my pains lessened. I was able to get out of bed by 11:00 and that evening I was PAIN FREE!!! I felt wonderful! I have been pain free ever since!
-Patricia A.

Before I began the Nutrition Response testing with Dr. Furno, my testosterone level was very low. After a few months, my testosterone was in the normal range for first time in years. I also have increased energy. I think Nutrition Response Testing is definitely worth a try for whatever health issues you have.
-Robin D.

Here are two of the ways Dr. Furno has helped me with Nutrition Response Testing: One way is that my menstrual cycle was early pretty much all the time, and then he put me on a supplement and that helped my body make my period regular; Another thing was that I used to be tired a lot and now my energy level is increased and I am not so tired all the time.
-Nicole D. age 13

The doctor has helped me to address nutritional issues at this stage of my life as well as certain health issues of concern such as migraine headaches, stress, cholesterol, and weight concerns. As well as generalized health improvement.

I use to have a bad head tick and back pain. Now my head tick is gone and the back pain is manageable.
-Brian S.

I was 24 and I could barely function. I was annoyed that doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t help. I was depressed, had chronic nose bleeds, poor circulation and in chronic pain. After a couple of months, not only did all my complaints clear up, but my vision improved. I use to have a lazy eye and now that muscle is strong! I had 3 eye surgeries in my youth, and now with the help of whole food supplements and Dr. Furno everything is fine and dandy!
-Megan C.

I was very lazy, tired, severe headaches, arthritis always flared up, fibromyalgia always hurt, my skin, not active at all. Since Doctor Furno has taken me under his wing, his care and concern is from his heart! I am able to do exercise and walk correctly (heel to toe), my headaches are very limited and when I see him, my headaches go away, I am able to move my arms and hands. There are so many pluses Dr. Furno has done for me to let me be active!
-Roseanne W.

I am currently pregnant with my third child. My previous 2 pregnancies were difficult in that I had gained 100 plus pounds with my first and 80 lbs with my second. I worked out up until 7 months pregnant with my first and was very careful about what I ate. I thought I was eating healthy, but the pounds just continued to gain. I was swollen tired and miserable. It was depressing and hopeless. I just figured that’s how my body reacts to pregnancy and accepted it, assuming this third pregnancy will be the same. Since seeing Dr. Furno, I have never felt better than I do now! I am 6 months pregnant and feel great!! My weight gain is in the average range and I have tons of energy. My mood is more stable than past pregnancies and I am not fighting any cravings for junk food. People keep telling me how good I look and that “I’m glowing”. I never had that before. I’m not working out like crazy like I did the first time because I’m not battling uncontrollable weight gain. I go for long walks and keep busy with my other two kids. I am so grateful to Dr. Furno for helping me and teaching me more about my body and what it really means to be healthy.
-Britta M.

I have an 18 month old son and was exhausted all of the time. I would actually put him in the pack and play so I could sleep. I was also sweating profusely all of the time, and frequently out of breath. Now I can keep up with my now 20 month old son. We go to the park and run around a lot. I also no longer sweat and I can breathe much easier.
-Michelle G.

I had been experiencing blurry vision in the left eye, sinus headaches, dizziness and constipated. I now have clear vision in my left eye; no more sinus headaches or dizziness and no longer constipated - after one treatment!
-Clarice C.

I have had emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies for the past 4-5 years. I was on Spiriva, Advar disc and inhalers. I was told I was in stage four C.O.P.D. and I would eventually need a lung transplant, but I wouldn’t be able to do any of the activities that I enjoyed such as dancing, bowling, walking and exercising. I was worsening and had to limit my activities more and more. I had severe COPD attacks where I thought I was dying. My pulmonary function tests were worsening and I was tested for everything. I was also constipated and needed ducalx every day. I had severe varicose veins in my left leg. As a matter of fact, during my worst COPD attack I was hoping I would die so I would be out of pain and able to breathe. I started Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Furno 6 months ago and he helped me clean up my diet and started addressing my problems. Now since being on the program my breathing has improved, I stopped taking the Spiriva and Advair within 2 months and have not needed them again! I recently saw the pulmonologist and he made me retake the pulmonary function test because he couldn’t believe it because in 30 years he has never seen someone with my lung condition improve like that. He was even more amazed when I told him I stopped my meds over 4 months ago. I am having daily bowel movements - what a pleasure. My varicose veins have gotten better. As an added benefit the cost of the program and my supplements is actually saving me money over the copayments I was making for the drug prescriptions. Thank you!!!

Three Months Later…
I saw my pulmonologist again and he still can’t believe how well I am doing. He has downgraded me from a stage 4 to a stage 3 and told me I shouldn’t even be here. He wants to write me up in the medical journals. He wanted to give me a new drug but I didn’t take it. I am getting better and better every day so, why would I change anything.

Five Months Later…
I saw my pulmonologist again and he told be how good my new medication was doing because I am continuing to improve. I didn’t tell him that I never took the medication and have just been following Dr. Furno’s program. I also bowled another perfect game (pretty good for a 78 year old and beat a young man in his twenties in the final.
-Patsy B.

I had the worst seasonal allergies! I was allergic to pollen, ragweed, grass and dust. Now I am much, much better. It’s the best It’s ever been!!!!!

Before I came to Dr. Furno I had a chronic cough with yellow phlegm production. I was always tired and had decreased motivation to exercise because of the fatigue and coughing. I was constantly sick with infections one right after the other (upper respiratory, tonsils, bronchitis). None of the specialists were able to figure out what was causing the infections. Now I barely cough with hardly any phlegm production. I have so much energy, I go to the gym 3-5 times a week for anywhere from an hour to two hours. I stopped taking allergy shots and I went from multiple infections. (Upper respiratory, tonsils, bronchitis) to none.
-Diana Q.


Prior to treatment, I found myself so exhausted that I could hardly function. I have two small children and could barely complete the “usual” daily routines, let alone anything extra. All I wanted to do was sleep and I was well aware of how apathetic I had become. I was tired no matter how much sleep I got. Since I started taking the recommended supplements and following my program guidelines, I feel like I did prior to having children. I wake up with energy, enjoy my children, and have pursued interests that I was too exhausted to even think about before.
-Susan B.

I was tired; I ached all over and carried extra pounds. After two months, my energy has increased, I am losing weight and my overall outlook on myself has improved, and my stamina is much better than it was in the beginning.
-Sharon M.

I am beginning to look at food in a different light. Rather than as a solution to problems, I see it as a means to becoming healthy as I get older. I am learning slowly to make wiser food choices and in doing so learning to hear and feel how my body reacts to what I ingest. I also like the one-on-one approach with someone whom I feel cares…I do not feel fatigued or generally depressed anymore.
-Judith S.

My strength and energy levels have significantly improved.
-Robert M.

I was experiencing constant exhaustion, sleep deprivation, sweating profusely all the time and frequently out of breath which made it hard to keep up with my 18 month old. Since being treated, go to the park and run around with my now 20 month old son, I no longer sweat and breathe much easier.
-Michelle G.

I was tired and fatigued, always bloated in my stomach and had hair loss. I feel better now, no longer feel bloated, and although I am still dealing with hair loss my hair is thicker and dryer.
-Graziella C.

I was tired all the time – napped everyday. I had aches in my legs and back. I had headaches, weakening of my legs, stomach pains, bloating, aspiration, cramping and heartburn. Now I no longer nap everyday and I’m not fatigued as often. I no longer get headaches and my legs have improved. I have less bloating and stomach cramps as well as fewer episodes of heart burn.

I was experiencing fatigue and had difficulty working without developing a headache. Now my energy and stamina has doubled since I stared Dr. Furno’s program a few weeks ago. Also, not a single headache!
-Samantha S.

I was lazy had no energy. I was too lazy to do my work. I used to just sit on the couch and I was very cranky. Now I have more energy and jump on the trampoline. I’m less lazy, I move now and do my work. I’m less of a brat and have more patience with things.
-G. P.

I was sluggish and always tired. I also had dark rings around my eyes. Now I have more energy. My skin is healthier looking and I no longer have dark rings around my eyes.
-T. P.

I was having brain fog and confusion, fatigue, itchiness and bloating. Now I have less fatigue, itchiness and bloating. I sleep much better and lost weight. I would recommend this program to all of my friends and family!
-M. Z.

I constantly felt tired, never felt the energy to do anything. I Felt like I was watching everything go by and not being involved in it. Now I have lots of energy. I am always coming up with projects to do and keep busy. No more sitting on the couch. I am very happy to have the energy level I have now and feel that I can keep up with my nieces.
-Randi V.

Prior to coming to Dr. Furno, I was experiencing severe eye swelling and itchiness for over 8 months. The degree of swelling varied from minor puffiness to my eyes swelling shut. At times the problem only lasted a day or two but sometimes lasted up to a week. I was unable to pin point what was triggering it as it was occurring so randomly and I do not have any food or product allergies. I heard about Dr. Furno through a family member and decided that Nutritional Response testing may be a possible option after a disappointing visit to my primary care physician. Within a matter of minutes of being in the office I was told they didn’t know what was wrong and gave me a prescription and a phone number to another doctor. Nothing more was discussed or looked into. I didn’t want to make my symptoms just go away for the time being I wanted to know why it started happening and to prevent it. I have been a patient of Dr. Furno for about 6 weeks now and in that short amount of time, I have noticed a huge difference! My symptoms have not gone away 100%; however they occur much less frequently, are not as severe, and last a couple of hours rather than days. I knew this was going to be a process and it was going to take time to find a balance in my body, so I never expected to see results this fast. In addition to my eye swelling, my overall health has improved and I feel great!
-Jennifer A.

I was having “swelling and inflammation” in my private parts from what I thought was an allergic reaction to laundry soap. After countless specialists, all sorts of tests and scans, and no progress, I finally wound up in a room at Stony Brook University Hospital with about 20 doctors who were all examining me and trying to decide what was causing the swelling. They told me I had a rare condition, and that they had no answers but that it would not go away. They gave me drugs and creams which only made it worse. When Dr. Furno checked me with the Nutrition Response Testing, he told me that my body had an immune challenge and a heavy metal. He gave me supplements to support my body and had me make changes to my diet, and with in four days the swelling went down about seventy percent. When I followed up with the dermatologist, and told him what I was doing, he got mad and wanted to give me more drugs with major side effects (I won’t be going back). The urologist was amazed at the change and told me to keep doing whatever Dr. Furno was telling me to do because it was obviously working. Well, two months later and the swelling is pretty much completely gone, and as a side note, I’ve lost over twenty pounds and feel great. Thanks.
-Sonny F.

I had been to PCP, 2 PA’s, 2 Dermatologists which just kept prescribing same Rx over and over again which were no longer working. I was becoming very discouraged and felt no one could help me!! I had lesions on my head, back, chest, legs, feet, hands, arm, wrist – I didn’t feel itch but more of a crawling feeling – HORRIBLE! Now, RESOLVED!!! With a strict diet and supplements I began to feel different within 1 week even Dr. Furno was surprised at how quickly I responded to it. I was able to get back to my life!!
-Patricia B.


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